Monday, June 20, 2011

Not Sure Where I'm Going with this...

I had sudden inspiration the other evening in of all places, my laundry room.  I have a small wonky log cabin quilt hanging in my laundry room and every day as I walk by it I think that I need to make another wonky log cabin in zanier, wilder colors.  This quilt was one of my first projects and is, well, ho, hum.  Here's a corner:

A little more of the quilt from a very odd angle, it's difficult to snap pictures in a laundry room!
So the story goes, everyday when I walk by this quilt, I plan that new wonky log cabin, a la Freddy Moran colors.  Then suddenly I think, how about a selvage quilt log cabin?  So I shoot across the hall to the sewing room and get to work. And here's my creation.

I ended up using black and white selvages for two sides and multi-colors on the other two sides, not
pre-planned, like most of my sewing, just kind of happened.

And my favorite selvage on this block:

We'll see where this journey goes!

My son Cort and I have set up our summer cots on the back porch tonight, our first real summer evening, the stars are shining and the crickets are chirping, what fun.  Goodnight. zzzzzzzzz

Click HERE to see finished Log Cabin Selvage Quilt!

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  1. the whole story, the inspiration, the laundry room, AND cots on the porch! :)