Monday, May 6, 2013

Girls Weekend and the Prom

A little late, better than never.... I guess.  This was two weekends ago,  I had it half done, so figured I might as well finish it.

With the boys on a basketball road trip, we celebrated Girls Weekend here in Reno! My Mom, the knitter came up to spend a couple of knitting days and I stitched on a back for the Tra La, Tra La quilt.  Here's our progress...

and on to the knitting...  Mom knits stockings for all the family, these for her great grandchildren.  This is 4th generation with knitted stockings, a tradition that started with my grandmother.  It began with a Santa pattern for all the 1st and 2nd Generation, but Mom has made up patterns for all her grandchildren and now the great grands.  What a great tradition, thanks MOM!

Don't you love how Mom fit in the letters on this one with the little "o" above the "L".  Very creative solution Mom!

Here is the prom girl, with her Mom and Gram.

Update on THIS weekend coming soon!