Monday, April 30, 2012

Checking my List

Well, can't check off everything on the list from Friday, but finished a couple of them.

1. Finish last square for the Selvage Quilt - Log Cabin Style   
You'll have to take my word for it, I finished the last Log Cabin block for the Selvage quilt... no picture.

2. Binding for Dia de los Muertos
Binding in lovely sherbert color!
Sewn on, still need to hand sew.

3. A little Hexie Sewing
2 yellow hexies... done while the kids at basketball practice.

4. Quilting on my 1st Selvage Quilt, Yikes, it's almost done, just sitting there 1/2 quilted.
Nope, not done.

4. Looking for a new project, I have one circling around in my head
It''s swirling around, I pulled out the bacckgound and am thinking on it.
I also bought a new to me sewing machine at a garage sale, I'll take pictures of my new baby and show her off later in the week. 
Here's my sentiments this morning...

Friday, April 27, 2012

Weekend Projects

Well, I'm looking forward to the weekend, as I'll be home and want to get some projects finished up.

1.  Finish last square for the Selvage Quilt - Log Cabin Style
2.  Binding for Dia de los Muertos
3.  A little Hexie Sewing
4.  Quilting on my 1st Selvage Quilt, Yikes, it's almost done, just sitting there 1/2 quilted.
4.  Looking for a new project, I have one circling around in my head!

One more square to go!!!!

You can see where that last square will go, and that I'm making a selvage border.  I will add these squares to the portion already sewn together, here!!  King sized!  For my bed.

And here's what's been percolating in my head, finally I'm going tackle this quilt... I made the letters and background last year, and somehow put off the applique part.  So I'm gonna give it a whirl. 

I've been doodling my ideas as well, doodling can get me through any class or meeting!

Enjoy your weekend, happy stitching.

Monday, April 23, 2012

A Friend of a Friend

Two weeks ago, just before I left on vacation, I arrived home from work to a package... addressed to ME! 

Here's the story, Judy at Wild Irish Rows quilted my Dia de los Muertos Quilt.  When Judy sent the quilt back (have I mentioned, it's FANTASTIC) she asked if I had a little bit of one of the skeleton fabrics for a friend.  Of course I did, so I sent it off along with a few other "skeleton" scraps from Dia de los Muertos.  And the friend sent me back a package of fabric that I did not have!!!
With a hand made card, isn't it perfect.  All from Opal Cocke at

And here's the goods!

And my fav...

You just gotta love skeletons w/flying geese!

Update on Dia de los Muertos, I am hung up looking for just the "right" binding, should have a finish soon!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Friday to all

A beautiful 75 degrees here on the front porch this evening!  Enjoying a bit of the warmth and sunshine.  The Selvage Quilt, Log Cabin Style is partially sewn together... 2 more rows to go.  I have one rown done, just not sewn on yet, so 5 more blocks.  I sewed it together before vacation to make room on my design board for more.

and a few more of my favorite things...

I've been painstakingly... and I mean painstakingly sewing together those little hexie's this week... that is a job! 

Have a great weekend, happy stitching.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Well.... I'm Back

Phew, one week on vacation and one week getting ready for vacation, all of the sudden gone for two weeks from the blogging world.  However, not gone from quilting as I took my Hexie project along for the ride.  I concentrated on white hexies, as I'm going to need A LOT of them...

And I sewed them into rows of 2 or 4 to add in around the diamonds.  I have 41 diamonds done now and am  s l o w l y  working on getting them sewn togetherI spread them out, upside down on my big dining room table in order to stitch together, they are kind of tough to manipulate.

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