Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hope you had a great weekend, I had three days and went to visit my folks and aunt. It was a nice trip and a long weekend is always appreciated.  

I made these little wallets last week for my daughter and her friends.  

This one is my fav...

... also love this word fabric.  The wallet is a  Valori Wells pattern that I threw in as an impulse purchase several months ago, quick and fun.
Hope you had a great weekend.  

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Procrastinate: to put off intentionally and habitually... as defined by Websters...  I have an admission, if you did not already know, I am a pro in the art of procrastination.  I finished this top last May, and there it sat.  Finally had it quilted and finished this week :) Yay!

Baseball themed quilting

The quilter put little a little swirly pattern on the jerseys as there were buttons and other obstacles.  I really like the way she made it all work!

More Quilting

Quilted by Margie Smith of Big Pine Quilts here in Reno, NV.
Thank you Margie

Plain blue back, it went to a new home yesterday!  Phew.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


In Las Vegas last weekend and made the trek to one of my most favorite fabric shops... actually, I went twice.  Lots of unique colorful fabric, here's some of the haul.

Two border/backing fabrics

This one same as above has a printed border.

Love this one for a quilt back.

And then these fat quarters...

This one unique, I had a skull fabric like this, I am curious if it's same designer??

Love it!

A B C's

Here's the store... not an ad, just a fun place to hunt down great fabric!

Henderson, NV

And I have more, a lot MORE!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Log Cabin Selvage Quilt Finish!

A finish on my Log Cabin Selvage Quilt, it's on my bed...nice and bright for spring!  

Here's the back, (also some black and white peace signs on the back), I was short a bit on the yardage for the back even when I bought the rest of the bolt of fabric.  I knew this was the backing for this quilt when I saw it.

The binding is... selvages, of course.

Sew the selvage on the back, then flip to the front and top stich.  I made this border about 1/2-5/8" on the front as I like a hint of the fabric showing with the selvage.  Also, the fantastic quilting by Judy Irish shines through in this close up... a shout out to Judy for her creative quilting!!  Best to you and yours this fine Sunday evening.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Squaring Up

Almost a finish on my Log Cabin Selvage quilt, this thing is a monster...a king for my bed!  It's back from the quilter and I squared it up yesterday. The first side of the binding is pinned on and waiting as I type.

Quilted by Judy Irish of Wild Irish Rows Quilting... wow!!!  Love this sun.

,Love it!  My binding awaits, and TGIF, almost :)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Who can resist??

Dr Suess and the Cat in the Hat??

I made burp clothes for a new baby boy in the family.

Some basketball too...

and Thing 1 and Thing 2!

I saw these for a little girl on another blog and would give credit if I had any idea where they came from???  Sorry about that.  If you make these use a "wonder under" type fusible webbing, what a difference that made once I used that as a stabilizer.  These diapers are a bit stretchy and difficult to sew on.  I made 5 more for a little baby girl as well. 

A little funny, my 17 year old daughter asked what that pile of white clothes was??  She had never seen or didn't remember cloth diapers!!! Yikes.

Also, on a little weekend get away and visited a couple fabric stores... new fabric, and a lot of it, coming soon!

Happy Sunday.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Quilt Gallery

My quilts on display, in my living room... my husband crawled around on top of a ladder for an entire afternoon to hang all those little wooden quilt holders, what a job it was. You can take a peek at my latest project on the design board on the bottom left.  I used my mom's new iphone to take the picture... these landscape pics are quite clever :)

From left to right...

Stars Quilt, Dia de los Muertos, Selvage Spider Web, Lone Star, Pschedelic Quilt.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Faris Quilt Finish

Here's the finish on the Faris Quilt.  


Pieced Back :)

I learned to like solids making this quilt, solids really pack a punch showing off the quilting. 

The idea for the castle is from this Sand Castle Quilt at Chasing Cottons, another great blog. 
 Happy Weekend!

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Faris Quilt

Here's a project completed back in October 2012 for a niece, now almost 5 months old.  I wanted to keep the quilt simple and concentrate on the quilting. I attended the Pacific International Quilt Festival in Santa Clara last fall and used that for the quilting inspiration.  The fabric is some older Far Far and Away fabric that had been waiting for just that "right project."  My niece wanted pastels, not really my colors, but I made it work with splashes of bright pink and orange.

The checkerboards are really not that tough; it turned out better than I thought.  (That does not usually happen.)  I marked the straight lines and then used FMQ to quilt the straight lines.  I tried the walking foot and had some puckering and found FMQ the straight lines worked better.  The squiggly lines are just FMQed in after you have made the grid.  

You can see a bit of the walking foot puckering on this checkerboard.

I'll have a Faris Quilt finish for you later this weekend...

TGIF! (Sigh)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pink and Zebra Quilt

These arrived today for the Pink and Zebra Quilt..

Gotta love pink zebras!  Not really sure how the zebra fabric will tie into the rest of the quilt, but that's the fun of it, right!

And another block...

Hope your having a great week.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Still Quilting!!!

Have you ever pinned your blocks to your pajamas?? I made myself chuckle this morning when one of these blocks was pinned to my lap!   It's a drizzly Sunday here in Reno, a nice change of pace as there is not a lot of rain in this arid high desert climate.  

This to be a baby quilt, a friend of ours is having a girl and I asked her if she had a theme or colors, when she responded with pink and zebra, I knew that was right up my alley.  :)

Thanks to Victoria Findlay Wolfe for inspiriation, her book is great if you do not have it yet!