Sunday, March 3, 2013

Still Quilting!!!

Have you ever pinned your blocks to your pajamas?? I made myself chuckle this morning when one of these blocks was pinned to my lap!   It's a drizzly Sunday here in Reno, a nice change of pace as there is not a lot of rain in this arid high desert climate.  

This to be a baby quilt, a friend of ours is having a girl and I asked her if she had a theme or colors, when she responded with pink and zebra, I knew that was right up my alley.  :)

Thanks to Victoria Findlay Wolfe for inspiriation, her book is great if you do not have it yet!


  1. No, not that--BUT I've quilted a piece to my shirt!! (aaargh!)
    Love those colors --AND VF's book--I got it for Christmas and have been devouring it. Julierose

  2. It's so good to see your blog again - I've missed seeing your wonderful creations!! Victoria's book is so full of inspirations and your blocks are great.

  3. I was wondering what you've been doing.
    I've never done that but remember years ago in Home Ec. someone did.
    I love Victoria's book!

  4. So happy to see you are back-let's see more of what you have been working on. Great surprise.