Sunday, March 24, 2013

Log Cabin Selvage Quilt Finish!

A finish on my Log Cabin Selvage Quilt, it's on my bed...nice and bright for spring!  

Here's the back, (also some black and white peace signs on the back), I was short a bit on the yardage for the back even when I bought the rest of the bolt of fabric.  I knew this was the backing for this quilt when I saw it.

The binding is... selvages, of course.

Sew the selvage on the back, then flip to the front and top stich.  I made this border about 1/2-5/8" on the front as I like a hint of the fabric showing with the selvage.  Also, the fantastic quilting by Judy Irish shines through in this close up... a shout out to Judy for her creative quilting!!  Best to you and yours this fine Sunday evening.

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  1. Your finished project looks great, when I saw you title I imagined using salvages for the binding and wondered if they would work and they look great!

    Congratulations and many years of enjoyment with your masterpiece.

  2. Fun to see selvage BINDING!! Congrats on the finish --

  3. Wow - you must go through a lot of fabric to get that many selvages - there will be so many memories in this quilt!

  4. Wow. I love selvage. How long did it take to collect all of this?