Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Family Inspiration Part II

More info on my great, great grandmother quilter; her name was Tinsey Garren, born in Georgia and  known as Ma by family. She married M.C. Miller on Sept 22, 1889 in Gilmer County, Georgia.  Imagine that 1889!!!!!  All our cabin quilts are hand pieced and still used today, they must be 100 years old, or close anyways.  Thanks for all the info Mom!

Lone Star Inspiration

And some modern day inspiration, my neice Grace turned 9 yesterday, here she is with her doll, both decked out in new birthday dresses made by her mom (my sister) Beth.  Both Mom and my sister Beth are wonderful seamstresses, a talent I do not share with them.  (shhhhh, don't tell them but I am still attempting to lure them both into the addicting quilting world!!!)

I think Beth may have talent as a photpgrapher as well.  Love it!

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