Monday, November 14, 2011

More Selvages

I am making several coasters (aka mug rug) for my new table; my favorite thing every morning is to sit down at my sewing machine, drink coffee and start my morning.  Even on work days I like to get a few minutes in, so relaxing!  So I needed some coasters for the new table, here's the first one, using my favorite selvages... you may have seen them already!

I used a selvage for the binding, really simple after I figured out how to sew on from the back, instead of the front.  I cut the selvage to 1 1/4", sewed on the back and then flipped it over and topstitched on the front.  I'm going to use this on my selvage quilt as well. 

Off to stitch for a bit this evening, Good Monday to you all.

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