Sunday, October 23, 2011

Virtues of a new sewing machine

About a month ago I made the big purchase, and retired my little old Singer (don't worry I haven't completely forgotten her!) and bought a new machine.  My criteria was the ability to FMQ, a long neck for quilting and a simple machine.  Although there is quite a learning curve with a new machine, all in all I am quite pleased.

My quilt wrestling days are over, PHEW!

Although I mostly FMQed on the cow quilt, I did outline the words with the built in walking foot.  When the sales lady told me about the built in walking foot I kind of blew it off, but I love, love, love this feature.

As you can see, no neat folding or clipping while quilting, I find just smunching the quilt up works best for me.

My only real complaint about the new machine is that the instruction manual has no instructions!  Thankfully, the shop has been great about answering my questions.

Granddaughter Nadin with her Uncle Cort. 

In case you are wondering, Nadin is my new granddaughter, Cort my youngest son.  This was taken last weekend up at our cabin, really this was one of the only patches of snow around and it was unseasonably warm.  Nadin really wanted to wear her snow suit.

Have a great day!

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