Sunday, October 9, 2011

Intimidation Factor

The Cow Quilt is ready, and waiting!

What now?

After pinning the Cow Quilt together,
I spent most of the day practicing my FMQ on a Christmas Quilt that was partly quilted a couple of years ago.  Also, found this fabric over the weekend.

Hippos are my fav!

And BIG news, my new Granddaugher Nadin, (and her Mom and Dad) arrive tomorrow evening from the Philippines.  I cannot wait to meet her!  They are in the air as I write this.  Nadin has a quilt waiting... Click on her name to see it.
  It's late in these parts, I'm off to sleep.


  1. Have a wonderful time with your family, how exciting to see your new granddaughter. Your cow quilt makes me smile.

  2. That's wonderful news. I hope you have a great visit! She's going to love her quilt.
    Love the fabric!

  3. How wonderfully exciting to see your new granddaughter! And her parents, too of course.
    She will love her quilt.
    I love, love the hippos!!