Sunday, October 2, 2011

They're All Dalmations

The cow quilt top is finished!  So, here's the quilt's story involving my Mom and my son Andrew, then about 4 years old.  Mom's Grandfather had a dairy and Mom, always fond of cows pointed them out to us as we drove.  Mom, while driving along a country road, pointed the cows out to Andrew and he exclaimed in awe, "Grandma, they're all dalmations!"  My son Andrew will turn 24 next month.

I went with the pink border, thanks to Mary Lou's suggestion!

I had made a couple of sections of red fence, and it just did not have that pop I was searching for.  Pink was a great idea. 

Originally, I planned to put "They're All Dalmations" in the border, but it just wasn't working, so I have decided to quilt it into the green background, maybe with a couple of moos.  The final top measures 64ish" x 64ish".  Remember it's a liberated quilt :)

Now onto quilting.... yikes.  And don't tell Mom, it's her 72nd birthday gift.  It might be a lil' late Mom.  XXoo


  1. This is adorable! And the "all Dalmatians!" comment is absolutely priceless!!!!

  2. Love how your quilt turned out. That story is precious!

  3. All Dalmatians! Love it!
    Your quilt is fabulous. I love the fencing!
    Hugs, Deborah

  4. Any adjective that u can imagine coming from my heart is bursting for this quilt!!!