Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cow Quilt Update

The main part of the Cow Quilt is finished and it is G-R-E-E-N.  Now I'm adding appliques and thinking about the border.  I'm somewhat stuck, I have a bunch of ideas, but cannot find the color combination to make it pop.  I'll keep it hanging there on the wall until something just right works.

a closer look:

Look closely, I snuck in a peace sign.

I remember reading in one of Mary Lou's books to make the border/frame first...


  1. LOVE this! To make it pop, change values like go dark purple or burgandy or black. Red and any shade of it is the compliment of green so you could go darker pinks, violets (with red in the purples), red oranges etc. I often take a bunch of pretty florals of Kaffes and mix it with some of my tone on tone stuff and it frames it in nicely- Kaffes stuff in reds and pinks would be great with black to frame it in too...and you can always used black and more green and do a flying geese or hoochy point border....just some ideas for this fabulous quilt! It IS wonderful! Would love to show it off at Market.....

  2. Love your herd! You're doing a great job with it!

    Have an idea or two brewing to make one of my own.

    Love all your different greens.

  3. Girl, this quilt is so darn cute it's hurtin' me!

  4. I just found you via MaryLou!
    I love,love your cows!!

  5. For me - a skinny stop border of scrappy black and whites (leaning to a consistent "reads dark" look).

    Then I would add a wonky piano key border with more green plus black and white and pinks (like those in the body of the quilt).

    GREAT quilt!!