Friday, September 23, 2011

Blogging Friends/Steph's Stash

As most of you are probably aware, quilt bloggers are simply the best.  And here's my testament to that...  my quilt blogger friend  Kwiltz by Stephanie wrote to me last week and said she was cleaning up her sewing room and was sending me 1/2 of her collection of her Mexican/Skull fabrics, she said "I just cut everything it half!"  This afternoon I came home after work to a package, a 10 x 13 mailing envelope stuffed to the gills with fabric... you cannot believe what a generous gift I have received from Stephanie!  I carried the package around the house for a bit, just savoring it before opening it... (if you are a fabric-a-holic like me, I'm sure you understand.)  Here we go!

She MADE the cute little envelope underneath the stash as well!
a lil blurry :) 

Love the bright colors and the skull w/ the pink flower!

It's a FIESTA!!!!

And many, many more.  I heartfelt thank you Stephanie.  You have inspired me, the ideas are swirling around in my head, a very appropriate quilt for the Halloween/Fall season.

If you are a lurker, you know who you are... I would encourage you to start quilt blogging and enjoy the fun.  I myself am a former lurker and am usually somewhat reserved, you might surprise yourself.

Have the best weekend everyone...  I am already enjoying.


  1. That's wonderful, lots of fun fabric.
    You are so right! Quilt bloggers really are the best ever! I'm glad I started blogging, sorry it took me so long to get started.

  2. Wow! What a generous friend. Have fun!