Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Jaunt, adding to my Stash!

Well, as you know, I headed out in cold and freezing weather to watch my daughter play softball on Saturday.  (My son's baseball game was cancelled - yipee!)  Our team lost two games, so I snuck out early and there just happened to be a fabric shop calling my name on the way home... here's hoping for a bit of springtime sometime soon!




The clerk remarked at how well the fabrics went together, I didn't burst her bubble and tell her I'd probably be adding them in with about 50 other fabrics!

And here's my favorite from this shopping trip...

I hear that is supposed to warm up by the end of the week and we might even see 70 degrees.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  Happy Monday to all.


  1. fun bright happy colors and fabrics!

  2. Fabulous colours! Love the dotty pinks and the one that looks like lines of ric rac!

  3. My goodness you have AWESOME taste in fabric and if you were a shop online I would have ordered alot by now. Great work and a great blog by the way!