Saturday, March 26, 2011

Quilt Back

I am contemplating the quilt back for the Horsey Quilt, and thinking back on my other quilts.  Do you like to a pieced back?  I enjoy using scraps, extra blocks, or even extra fabric (imagine that) on the back of my quilts.  Here's some pics of my Flower Power Quilt Back, it is a Jan Mullins pattern.  This pattern also taught me about the principles used in free piecing letters; many of the same processes. 


I quilted this myself, the quilting shows well on the back... the quilting seemed to take an entire summer!  It is machine quilted as you can see, one of my first efforts.

And then properly labeled, like all my quilts.... well at least this quilt has a label.

I am off to my kids softball and baseball games in 40 degree weather, doesn't that sound thrilling.   Here's the front:

Happy Saturday!


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