Sunday, February 12, 2012

Under the Weather

Feeling a bit under the weather this weekend with the sniffles, so I took it easy and hand sewed the bindings on three quilts.  Here's two of them, pieced by a friend's mother, then lovingly stored by her daughter-in-law for 16 years, and finally, COMPLETE!

Hexie Quilt
Hexie's quilted with a meander...

Light blue binding and small flower back.

Sailboat Quilt
Also quilted in an all-over meander.

Bright blue binding, green back.

2 out of 5 completed, 3 more in progress.


  1. Feel better soon! I love your friends inherited quilts. So nice that they are being finished!

  2. Ohhh, I really love your hexagon quilt. I got all messed up with my project--added too many "paths" or persevering and going to start a new hex project...Julierose