Saturday, February 25, 2012

Stars and Moons FMQ

Well I FMQ'ed They're All Dalmatians and a couple of other projects, but I've never tried densely quilting a project before... I used two layers of batting, like I've seen on other blogs... and jumped right in.  Overall,  I'm not displeased, just need more practice.

The batting sure makes it pop!

Here's the back, it's a panel of the solar system.  My daughter looked at it and said, "Mom, use the dark thread on the back."  Good idea, why I didn't think of that??


  1. Do you have a long arm or do you quilt on your regular sewing machine? It looks great to me. You are always so artistic!

  2. I am impressed!! Your FMQ is beautiful - great job.

  3. I think your FMQ looks wonderful -- so appropriate and yes, the batting does make it POP!