Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wonky Letters, Thank You Tonya!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Tonya.  You are the inspiration for these wonky, free pieced letters.  If you have not visited Tonya's blog, Lazy Gal Quilting, I suggest you check it out!  I have been visiting on her blog anonymously for years (I have to admit), but now am able to thank her appropriately.  I have used free pieced letters in several quilts, and I think they are especially fun for kids and babies.   Tonya also has a book if you need a bit of help with those letters. So without further ado;

I added little triangles in the corners of the curved letters for help create more realistic looking letters.  I think it helped, not so blocky and chunky.

Here's the a and e.

And finally all sewn together. (Made a little error on the tail of that E, but just patched it up and went on!)

The A kind of looks a little funny, but I think once I get the fabric sewn on the bottom, it will look fine.  I am completely out of the pink polka dots, so I'll have to figure something out there! You can already see the little scrap I had to put in over the A and I was piecing together small pieces over that N to eke out every bit of the pink polka dots. 

And there are a lot of vowels in this name, k-A-I-t-l-I-n, phew!

As you can probably tell, this is part of Horsey Quilt 2.0.  (My kids just love that I name my quilts, they think it is hilarious!)  Happy weekend.

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  1. yay! very nicely done. love the font and how you figured out how to make the e work. hurrah!