Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WIP........ Horsey Quilt Version 2.0

Yes, even I must admit, I might be getting a wee bit carried away.  What is it about that scrap pile?  Sunday afternoon I walked into my sewing room, ready to begin the binding for the Hourglass Quilt.  Lo and behold a pile of horsey scraps was shouting my name.  The challenge, USE UP HORSEY SCRAPS, no new fabric...(haha I will not stick to that one!)

Here's the pile Sunday.

And here's the pile today, noticably smaller... I swear!

Now, sneak preview... a little wilder, a little wonkier. 

More fun too I think.  A baby quilt in the works for a grand niece on the way.

And not to forget Happy Birthday dear sister Beth, April 7, love ya.

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