Monday, August 29, 2011

Hi Y'all

More cows...  I have a herd now!

Here's the newest girls to join up...

And a close up.

All from Mary Lou Weidman's new "Out of the Box" quilt book.

For most current info on Kelly Girl Quilts, click HERE!


  1. Alright.
    That does it.
    I'm going to buy the book.
    Can't take it any longer.
    I need cows!!!
    Yours are so darn cute.

  2. cute and more cute and more!!!!!!! i love the use of text as you can imagine! ANd a tiny cow soon to arrive to your mom...a MOOOOOvement in quilting this year!

  3. I have sent people over to see these awesome cows...hope you get more comments because the cows are beautiful! Great color choices! FUN