Thursday, March 29, 2012

Well, I had a few spare moments...

On a recent quick, yes, very quick jaunt to Portland, Oregon, I found a few spare moments... what to do? Hmmm?  There was no research, just a quick google maps for the closest, most interesting looking shop.  The purpose of the trip was not quilting, but I managed to fit in some hexie sewing and more excitingly a new shop.  These are from Cool Cottons

Yes, Dia de Los Muertos is finished, but...

From my Atari days.

Delicious dots.

A Peace Sign print that wasn't already in my stash?????

Considering for Dia de Los Muertos binding.  Sorry, not ironed, straight from the suitcase.

and some blacks and whites for another day.

 (Did you see Dia de los Muertos in my sidebar?  I cannot wait to get the binding on and share it with you.  Judy from Wild Irish  Rows Quilting is the most fantastic quilter, there are not words for what she did with this quilt.)

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