Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Quilt Shop Visit

Since fabric is one of my favorite things in the world :),  like many of you I visit quilt shops when I'm out of town.  I now have the family looking for shops as we travel... haha!  Only one visit this trip,  we tried two other shops, however, one was closed and one was out of business or had moved.  While I have been visiting shops on my own for a while now, the whole family was waiting outside while I shopped.  My husband commented on how long I was in the shop.... I thought I had rushed through!


Probably meant as baby or children's fabric, I really like the stars, moons, hearts, words etc. 

Great to be home!

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  1. :) Quilt shop shopping is hard on my family too. Once, when my middle son was 7, I told him I just needed five minutes in the quilt shop we found while traveling. He came in the shop and yelled, "You've been in here nine minutes already!" Jeesh!