Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Fabric Stash

Well remember during the big sewing room move my fabric looked like this????

and this????

Now, using a little "out of the box" imagination....  I used my china hutch for my stash.

I'd like to report to you that is still looks that good, however, it would be a fib!  I dove in and started cutting and stitching last night, but it's nice to have everthing in some semblance of order!

Also, three more napkins!


  1. Grand idea for a stash cabinet!! Looks great!
    Pretty napkins.

  2. LOVE the idea of a china hutch for fabric. After all, it's meant to store valuables and treasures! And love even more that you're honest enough to show us befores as well as afters and admit to messing it up right away ;)