Monday, July 18, 2011

Damien Doodle too!

I forgot to post the little doodle that I packed in with the quilt today!!!

Also have you visited Em's newest little blog Celebrating Big Girl Pants, a collaborative effort celebrating free motion quilting!  Although I'm not a true FMQ, yet, I am posting the quilting on the Damien Quilt.... I'll get that FMQ going soon, it's just a matter of time. :)   Hop on over to check it out here!!!!!  (We'll see if I can figure out how to accept the invitation to the blog and make the post, eeeek.)


  1. I haven't FMQ'd yet either, but I have one ready to try this week. This is a wonderful quilt and you did a great job quilting it. See you over at Celebrating! Big Girl Pants!