Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pschedelic Quilt

Well not alot of new sewing going on as I have been chasing my family around watching games and just doing ordinary things.  I am entering it in the Bloggers' Quilt Festival over at Amy's Creative Side.  Go check out all the quilts, very fun! 

I finished this quilt last year and it may be my favorite... it is and has been on the end of my bed for quite a while now.  I thought maybe the Hourglass Quilt might displace it, but no, it was not to be.  The Pschedelic Quilt was a "quilt as you go" quilt, and that technique does work quite well, although I'm not sure if I'll go that route again.  The quilt also has some of my favorite wild, colorful fabrics.  I have posted several snippets of this quilt before; here it is in all it's glory!

As you may have noticed I love wild borders and flying geese and this quilt is no exception:

I quilted on my little machine with colorful threads, of course!

and the back is a sheet purchased at the thrift store, very 70ish.

If you notice I also made a baby quilt with this same pattern, it's on the sidebar, called Eliza's Quilt.  And the main block here is a pattern I bought, I'd give credit if I could find the darned thing. 

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  1. gorgeous! There's so much going on and it's all a feast for the eyes!

  2. OH MY!!!!! first off, that sheet you bought at the thrift store looks like Merrimekko!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally fabulous and usually totally expensive! The great Freddy Moran LOVEs Merrimekko fabric! And the front....OOOH LA LA! A virtual explosion of color! There seems to be an 3D optical thing going it. Thanks for sharing. Hard to choose between this and the Hourglass quilt.

  3. Hi Kathy, its gorgeous. Wow, its so colourful and busy. I love it :)

  4. The brights are beautiful, what an amazing quilt! :-)

  5. That is a very bright quilt, but it works to make a very pretty quilt. Love the center squares, but my favorite thing is your choice of fabrics for the outer border.

  6. Wow, all that color is amazing together. What a fun quilt. Just don't try to sleep with it, it might keep you awake. Love it.

  7. WOW! Now that is my kind of quilt! I love, love love all that color and action in there. And your border is wonderful!

  8. WOW WOW WOW ! ! ! ! This quilt is WONDERFUL! I just love all of your wonderful and VERY COLORFUL work here! Great quilts....