Tuesday, March 18, 2014

6th Grade Quilt Finish

Here's my first quilt of 2014 finished in January, it was a donation for a fundraiser that I made with my son's 6th grade class.  I cut out all the squares ahead of time and then put a scrappy border on half of the squares. Next I hauled all my irons and ironing boards to school and we used an iron on adhesive to adhere the fabric to the squares.  Trying to keep in theme, I provided some templates, or the kids could make up whatever they wanted to put on their square.  I thought some kids would be finished in 5 minutes, but it took over an hour for most to finish.  It was fun to watch them pick out their fabrics and to watch them try to figure out how to use the iron on adhesive.  And trying to explain that iron on adhesive to 6th graders is challenging at best!  I only took a couple of pics, here they are...

I am playing catch up, more quilts, fabric and projects coming soon.


  1. Fabulous quilt! The kids, and you, did a great job. I hope it makes loads of money.