Sunday, January 23, 2011

First Post!!

This first post is somewhat intimidating, so I'm just going to jump in quickly!  I thought I'd show one of my quilts made for my daughter in her favorite colors pink and green and also used as the background picture on this new blog.  It was one of the first quilts I made from my own design. 

A close up:

And from further away:

Stars and flying geese..... of course.  The border on this quilt really pops although it is kind of hard to see with this photo and the quilting is fantastic.  It was quilted by Margaret Carroll with much thought and creativity.  She even quilted my daughter's name to add a personal touch.

Now I'm going to press that "Publish Post" button for the first time.  Yikes.

Have a great week.


  1. Just like Kelly, I love it too, but I don't think you're a wierdo! TEE HEE HEE.....Does Kelly still keep Tinky Winky on her bed? Do I get special treatment(like a new quilt) for being the first follower? Luv ya.

  2. Hi Quilting Guru! I think this is a wonderful idea! Your quilts are so inspiring...hopefully this will push me to finish Tom's.

  3. Love this. If you get so inspired to make bedspreads for my girlies I would not complain! I am so happy you have a blog now!

  4. Wow We have always know you were so tallented!